Net Zero Construction

Net Zero construction has been defined as having a lower impact on the environment versus traditional construction methods. Traditional residential frame construction homes contribute 40% more Green House Gases into the atmosphere  thanNet Zero Homes in the US and Europe. The environmental impact is a reason all by itself to build Net Zero, but there are other reasons to justify building your home with the latest construction methods and materials. We incorporate the latest methods andmaterials to make each home more comfortable, quieter and energy independent with accessibility and adaptability for future needs.

We have always been a leader in the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes market to incorporate the latest methods and products to insulate homes to an Energy Star compliant level. We have now entered the realm of Net Zero and Passive Home rated construction. I am excited to offer this higher level of construction excellence to our new home and remodel customers. The value added thru strict Net Zero/Passive Home guidelines assures the owners of several key features not found in the traditional built home.

Energy efficiency is the primary result of a Net Zero home. As an example, our current Model home has 12” exterior walls, triple pane windows, a very efficient Zip Wall wind barrier system, Siga moisture barrier that helps keep the wall cavity dry and mold free, XPS insulation under the lower level slab, ICF foundation walls and solar energy that turns back the electric meter. The energy gains made thru a Net Zero home have several other advantages that the Newcastle team of professionals are ready to work with you to make Net Zero a reality for you.

Comfort can be measured in a number of ways. A home can “feel” comfortable when you live in it. Comfort can come from the fact that during the heat of the summer, the house stays cool and during the winter the house stays consistently warm without draft through walls or window and door cavities. With Newcastle building techniques and materials, you don’t feel drafts and the floors aren’t cold. You don’t have rooms that are less comfortable than others. Comfort can also come from piece of mind that you can have knowing that you built a home that will always be a place that you are happy to come home to.

Healthy home is synonymous with Net Zero.  The reasons are in the walls; a Net Zero home is so airtight that an Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) or Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system is installed to bring in fresh air and exchange it with stale air from inside.  In most cases, this air exchange takes place in the winter months. A constant inaudible air exchange continually replaces the entire house air with no need for separate bath fans. Dust is minimalized because the house air exchange/filtration system is the primary source for bringing air into the house. Other components such as state of the art wind barriers and moisture barriers are critical to maintain a consistent healthy home.

Newcastle built homes are more than just Energy Efficient

Accessibility is not an option with Newcastle, it is a standard. We have built accessible and adaptable homes ever since 1994 when we entered our first home show thru the cooperation of the Rochester Home Builders. During the past 28 years, we continue our effort to build accessibility and adaptability to future proof homes for changing needs of the owners.

Green Building: In conjunction with our Net Zero building technology, we strive to make our projects Green compliant by working closely with owners and consultants to gain Green Building compliance. Decisions regarding materials and building techniques correspond with Net Zero. The parallel goals are accomplished thru forward thinking and a collaborative effort for all parties including the owner, consultant, trade contractors and Newcastle.